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Sail boat in Ben Tre, Mekong Delta.


Unleash the Real Mekong: Authentic food, motorbike, boat, tuk-tuk experiences. Personalized, flexible tours for sustainable adventures. Discover the vibrant soul of the Mekong Delta!

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the real

Ditch the tourist traps and sail down hidden canals where the only traffic jam is a family of ducks. Imagine this: peaceful waterways, barely two boats sharing the serenity, and the gentle whisper of palms dancing in the breeze. This ain't your average tour; it's an invitation to slow down and truly experience Vietnam.

Forget the cookie-cutter itineraries. We don't herd you from shop to shop; instead, we stop whenever whimsy strikes, soaking up the local charm and savoring authentic moments. Think roadside coconut stands, impromptu chats with smiling villagers. 

Trade fancy hotels for a homestay experience, and siesta like a true local when the afternoon heat sets in.

This ain't a job for us, it's a way of life. We're a small family business, and we prioritize balance over hustle. We invite you to join us on this intimate journey, not as tourists, but as fellow travelers seeking something genuine.


You might catch us strolling around in flip-flops and shorts, keeping things laid-back and down-to-earth, without any fancy introductions or airs about certain topics. Us folks from the Mekong Delta are hospitable souls, eager to show you around and just be ourselves in the process, all easy and chill.


No fancy tourist spots here, no tourist traps either. We'll just stop for some sugarcane juice by the roadside, maybe pluck some coconuts from someone's backyard, wander through the market, or just randomly stop wherever you fancy along the way. Oh, and yeah, we do have homestays and boats ready to accommodate you. You know, that's just how it goes, can't really do without them, right?


After lunch, it's best to take a nap to avoid the heat, and if you're thirsty, just stop for a drink. You're here to have fun, not to meet KPIs. We want to live a relaxed life, and hopefully, you do too. Simple as that.

Discover the Mekong Delta

From enjoying our quiet and unique sailboat cruise, trying amazing local Mekong food, kayaking through small lush canals, learning the local life, to drive zigzaging through coconut villages, learn to make organic coconut candies, or cook with the local....

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Best seller

What our customers said

"I’ve travelled a lot around the world and few things have brought me more happiness in my travels than the row boat from Si’s place (the local guide's home). For me, the peace and dream-like scenery there ravelled the feeling I had being in the Sahara desert. It was magical."

Kari Blacklake Parker

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Mat weaving in Ben Tre, Mekong Delta

Mekong Tips

To make the most of your visit and ensure a warm connection with the local community and environment, we have some friendly tips to keep in mind

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Capturing Moments

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